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Relación capital/activos sist. bancario - Clasificaciones:

El promedio para 2016 fue de 10.74 por ciento.El valor más alto fue en Maldivas: 23.71 por ciento y el valor más bajo fue en Macao: 4.56 por ciento. A continuación se muestra una tabla de todos los países en los que se dispone de datos para: Relación capital/activos sist. bancario.

Capital del sistema bancario, porcentaje de activos, 2016
(por ciento, Fuente: The International Monetary Fund);

Definición: Ratio of bank capital and reserves to total assets. Capital and reserves include funds contributed by owners, retained earnings, general and special reserves, provisions, and valuation adjustments. Capital includes tier 1 capital (paid-up shares and common stock), which is a common feature in all countries' banking systems, and total regulatory capital, which includes several specified types of subordinated debt instruments that need not be repaid if the funds are required to maintain minimum capital levels (these comprise tier 2 and tier 3 capital). Total assets include all nonfinancial and financial assets. Reported by IMF staff. Note that due to differences in national accounting, taxation, and supervisory regimes, these data are not strictly comparable across countries.

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