The data feed provides access to over 500 indicators for about 200 countries. It transfers automatically the data to your system to facilitate your work on product development and analysis. You can learn more about the type of clients using the API.

Our data

We provide up-to-date numbers for GDP, economic growth, PMIs, investment, household consumption, retail sales, inflation, private credit, interest rates, labor cost, employment, and many other indicators. Our team adds the data to the website using our own calendar of releases. All series are thoroughly checked for accuracy and consistency across countries and time. You can see the latest data updates and, as an example, a global overview of economic growth. You can explore the entire data availability by country and by indicator.

XML data feed

The data are delivered through a simple XML format that includes the date, the measurement unit and the value of each observation. You can obtain only the latest numbers and/or historical series going back to 1960. Querying the data to construct an XML is easy: select countries and indicators to obtain an XML for your selection. You can see a couple of XML examples with annual data and monthly data.

Cost and free trial

The cost of the API is 450 USD per year which includes all countries, all indicators and all years in our database. There are no limitations on the data downloads or the use of the data. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to start a free trial.

About us

We are a team of economists headed by Neven Valev (Google Scholar, LinkedIn), a Ph.D. economist with extensive research experience. facilitates the use of international data by researchers, investors, and others. It has been online since 2012.

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