Viet Nam: Calidad Infraestructura transp. aéreo

 Viet Nam

Calidad de infraestructura transp. aéreo, 1(baja) - 7(alta)

 Latest value 4
 Year 2019
 Measure points
 Data availability 2006 - 2019
 Average 3.99
 Min - Max 3.73 - 4.17
 Source World Economic Forum
Para este indicador, World Economic Forum proporciona datos para Viet Nam desde 2006 a 2019. El valor medio para Viet Nam durante ese período fue de 3.99 points con un mínimo de 3.73 points en 2006 y un máximo de 4.17 points en 2010.
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Recent values chart
Viet Nam - Calidad Infraestructura transp. aéreo - recent values

Historical chart
Viet Nam - Calidad Infraestructura transp. aéreo - historical chart - 2006-2019

Definición: The Quality of air transport infrastructure indicator is one of the components of the Global Competitiveness Index published annually by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It represents an assessment of the quality of airports in a given country based on data from the WEF Executive Opinion Survey, a long-running and extensive survey tapping the opinions of over 14,000 business leaders in 144 countries. The score for air transport infrastructure quality is based on only one question. The respondents are asked to rate the passenger air transport in their country of operation on a scale from 1 (underdeveloped) to 7 (extensive and efficient by international standards). The individual responses are aggregated to produce a country score.

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 Usuarios de Internet 78.59 2022 percent
 Abonados a Internet 21,258 2022 subscribers
 Abonados a Internet, por 100 personas 21.65 2022 percent
 Abonados de telefonía móvil 137.41 2022 million subscribers
 Abonados telefonía móvil, x 100 personas 139.95 2022 subscribers per 100 people
 Cobertura de red móvil 70.00 2016 percent
 Ancho de banda de Internet 20.75 2016 kilobits per second
 Pasajeros de líneas aéreas 14.75 2021 million passengers
 Líneas de ferrocarril, km 3,159 2021 km
 Transporte ferroviario de mercancías 3,759 2020 metric tons times kilometers
 Pasajeros ferroviarios 1,516 2020 million passengers times kilometers
 Tráfico portuario 18.36 2021 contenedores
 Venta de vehículos de pasajeros 283,352 2022 passenger cars
 Venta de vehículos comerciales 46,928 2022 commercial vehicles
 Calidad de las carreteras 3.40 2019 points
 Calidad de infraestructura ferroviaria 3.60 2019 points
 Calidad de la infraestructura portuaria 3.80 2019 points
 Calidad Infraestructura transp. aéreo 4.00 2019 points
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