Nepal: Relación capital/activos sist. bancario


Capital del sistema bancario, porcentaje de activos

 Latest value 10.58
 Year 2020
 Measure por ciento
 Data availability 2016 - 2020
 Average 11.15
 Min - Max 9.99 - 11.93
 Source The International Monetary Fund
Para este indicador, The International Monetary Fund proporciona datos para Nepal desde 2016 a 2020. El valor medio para Nepal durante ese período fue de 11.15 por ciento con un mínimo de 9.99 por ciento en 2016 y un máximo de 11.93 por ciento en 2018.
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Nepal - Relación capital/activos sist. bancario - recent values

Definición: Ratio of bank capital and reserves to total assets. Capital and reserves include funds contributed by owners, retained earnings, general and special reserves, provisions, and valuation adjustments. Capital includes tier 1 capital (paid-up shares and common stock), which is a common feature in all countries' banking systems, and total regulatory capital, which includes several specified types of subordinated debt instruments that need not be repaid if the funds are required to maintain minimum capital levels (these comprise tier 2 and tier 3 capital). Total assets include all nonfinancial and financial assets. Reported by IMF staff. Note that due to differences in national accounting, taxation, and supervisory regimes, these data are not strictly comparable across countries.

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 Ratio costes/ingresos de banco 44.46 2021 percent
 Préstamos de cobro dudoso 2.44 2022 por ciento
 Gastos generales 1.72 2021 percent
 Margen de interés neto 3.21 2021 percent
 Crédito bancario/depósitos 96.23 2021 percent
 Capital base/activos ponderados x riesgo 13.76 2020 percent
 Rentabilidad sobre los activos 1.91 2021 percent
 Rentabilidad sobre el patrimonio 17.83 2021 percent
 Puntuaciones z del sistema bancario 28.87 2021 index points
 Activos líquidos/depósitos 19.66 2021 percent
 Relación capital/activos sist. bancario 10.58 2020 percent
 Ingresos no financieros/ingreso total 26.38 2021 percent
 Derechos legales 10.00 2020 points
 Intercambio de información crediticia 5.00 2019 points
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