Brasil: Activos líquidos/depósitos

(medir: percent; Fuente: Bankscope)

Brasil: Activos líquidos/depósitos de banco y fondos a corto plazo

: Para este indicador, Bankscope proporciona datos para Brasil desde 1996 a 2015. El valor medio para Brasil durante ese período fue de 57.36 percent con un mínimo de 41.1 percent en 1996 y un máximo de 64.49 percent en 2001.
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Definición: The ratio of the value of liquid assets (easily converted to cash) to short-term funding plus total deposits. Liquid assets include cash and due from banks, trading securities and at fair value through income, loans and advances to banks, reverse repos and cash collaterals. Deposits and short term funding includes total customer deposits (current, savings and term) and short term borrowing (money market instruments, CDs and other deposits).
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