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Rusia Stock market capitalization, percent of GDP

(percent, Fuente: The World Bank)

Stock market capitalization, percent of GDP (percent): Para este indicador, The World Bank proporciona datos para Rusia desde 2009 a 2016. El valor medio para Rusia durante ese período fue de 41.48 percent con un mínimo de 18.7 percent en 2014 y un máximo de 62.38 percent en 2010.

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The stock market capitalization in Rusia and other countries is calculated as the number of shares traded on the stock exchange times their prices. It is a measure of the size of the stock market in the country. It is usually reported as percent of GDP so that we can evaluate the size of the stock market relative to the size of the economy.

Stock market capitalization of about 50 percent of GDP and more is an indication of a well developed stock market. Yet, in most countries the stock market almost does not exist. The capitalization there is close to zero.

Have in mind that a large stock market capitalization does not necessarily mean that the stock market is active. The stock market could be composed of a few large companies whose shares are seldom traded.
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Definition: Market capitalization (also known as market value) is the share price times the number of shares outstanding (including their several classes) for listed domestic companies. Investment funds, unit trusts, and companies whose only business goal is to hold shares of other listed companies are excluded. Data are end of year values.