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Alemania Lending interest rate

(percent, Fuente: The World Bank)

Lending interest rate (percent): Para este indicador, The World Bank proporciona datos para Alemania desde 1978 a 2002. El valor medio para Alemania durante ese período fue de 10.41 percent con un mínimo de 7.32 percent en 1978 y un máximo de 14.69 percent en 1981.

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The lending interest rate in Alemania shown below is the interest rate on credits from banks to prime borrowers, i.e. to the lowest risk borrowers in the private sector. That includes firms and households.
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Definición Lending rate is the bank rate that usually meets the short- and medium-term financing needs of the private sector. This rate is normally differentiated according to creditworthiness of borrowers and objectives of financing. The terms and conditions attached to these rates differ by country, however, limiting their comparability.